We’ll be playing four shows with old friend Mike Doughty in June (story behind the tour is below).  Ticket information for each of the shows can be found here.

Jun. 17 – Washington, DC – Sixth & I Synagogue - On Sale Fri 4/19
Jun. 18 – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar - On Sale Sat 4/20
Jun. 19 – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg - On Sale Fri 4/19
Jun. 20 – Hamden, CT – Spaceland Ballroom – On Sale Fri 5/3
Jun. 21 – Philadelphia, PA – World Cafe Live - On Sale Fri 4/19

We’ve also got a new video directed by Philip Harder for “Just Make It Stop“.

The story behind the shows:

The pairing was inspired by a fan’s tweet, who suggested the two pair up for his “dream show”.  Both active on Twitter, Low and Mike engaged in the tweet and soon decided it was high time for a rematch as both artists had toured with each other in the past (during Doughty’s time with Soul Coughing).

Low frontman Alan Sparhawk says of the pairing:  ”We are excited to be  doing shows this June with our friend Mike Doughty. We first met when his band Soul Coughing brought us on tour years ago. I had heard them. They were like nothing else going on, every piece of the picture was fresh and on the edge – crazy/deep rhythm, samples/noise, word-play and melody. Their influence and friendship over the years has been priceless and dear to us, and Mike’s lyrical/vocal grace has always been a level to which I measure and aspire to. The vocal does matter and it can be awesome.”

Mike Doughty offers this: “The first time I heard Low, I played before them at CBGB in 1993. I remember leaning up against the wall of the dressing room, behind the stage, and feeling their warm, huge, slow sound vibrating the building. Soon after that, I contacted their producer, Mark Kramer from Shimmy Disc, and made my first solo album, “Skittish,” with an explicit mission of replicating the reverbed, dreamy sound of their earliest recordings. Low and Soul Coughing toured together a couple of years after that; we became fast friends, and I remain a massive fan.”